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 Why Donating Helps
 Posted: Feb 15 2017, 04:09 PM
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See that nifty Donate button in the top left corner of the site?

That is to help us pay for the C-Box and the site's premium subscription. Hera is currently taking out of pocket to pay for the site, but every dollar you donate helps cover some of the cost that she had to shell out on a monthly basis.

The total cost to keep the site maintained, complete with C-Box, is 36 dollars every three months. If you can donate even a dollar, you'd be doing the site and its patrons a great service and we will even reward you, based on how much you donate.

Awards have not been decided yet, but Hera, Aphrodite and I, Zeus, will get together and discuss what kind of award we can give you for donating.

Donating is by no means mandatory, but if you love the site and can forego even that one cup of coffee for the day, it would be greatly appreciated.

This announcement will be updated when we decide on the incremented awards for donating, but if you donate prior to us editing it, whatever money you donate will be added up and you will get the award that is in your price range.

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