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 Making dolls, Zeus
Apple Jack
 Posted: Mar 26 2018, 07:45 PM
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subordinate spirits

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Doll had been standing in the same spot for a very long time.SO long, in fact, there was dust all over her. However, her maker told her not to move for anything. Doll could not get tired and never needed to eat or use the bathroom like her maker had to. So she was just find standing were he left her. Her hair needed to be cared for and her clothing was getting rather dusty but she did not care. Her maker would be home soon and she wanted to make him happy. So she stood there and stood there. As day turned in to night, as one day turned in to two turning in to weeks. She stood there as she waited never sleeping always facing the door. Her short four foot nine frame never wavering from what she was told to do. Doll did not understand a great many things about the world she found herself in. SHe saw the birds fly by as well as dear coming to eat the food from the garden. She knew that because the day her maker left he took her out there. He showed her a lot of how to care for it but he never told her to. He always told her to only do what he said. So Doll as she came to call herself in her own mind. Never moved unless he asked her to. Doll was not sure what she was going to do if her maker never came back but she knew one thing. She would wait for him for as long as it took for Maker to come back.
 Posted: May 23 2018, 05:00 PM
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Jackson entered the shop and closed the door with a sigh as he leaned down to kiss Doll on the head. "I'm so sorry I took so long getting back, my dear, things went longer then expected." He told her softly, smiling as he slid a hand onto the small of Doll's back, just above her butt as he kissed her longer then the last, his fingers coming around to take her hand in his and gently squeezing her hand. "Have you missed me?" He asked her.

Apple Jack
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