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 It's our paradise and it's our war zone, Tag: Diet Cola [Zayn x Gigi]
 Posted: Aug 8 2017, 02:29 AM
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Well…now this is a sight…
The young man thought as he strolled down to the beach in nothing but a pair of board shorts that he had pretty much snatched from a model in the shop, quite literally, a few minutes ago, and a long beach towel slung over his bare shoulder. Of course, the palm tree and exotic plant combo at the bottom of his beach pants revealed nothing about his current spring break whereabouts, and neither did the pair of aviators shading his sharp brown eyes. Yeah, lucky bastard was vacationing on a beach with his fellow classmates. Thank God the winter quarter was over…

Zayn Malik, 5’9, hybrid, dark hair, dark eyes, hottie, bio major, and oh yeah, did I mention? Servant and right hand of Lucifer, Lord of Hell. Yeah, the last bit probably wasn’t a good idea for anyone to know…cause you know, humans would totally be ok with the knowledge of divinity being real. No? Didn’t think so. So, what was a demon from hell doing here, sipping his very dirty and very illegal – well…technically his human age wasn’t old enough for alcohol yet, but who the fuck cares? Drinking alcohol was what college students do! – mojito and glancing at all the hot bikini-clad bodies laid out on the beach before him? Simple, he was sent out on a mission…

The young man debated with himself on his next move, but decided against hunting down his target today. Seriously, it wouldn’t hurt to just kick back and enjoy the beach, grab a few drinks, go surfing, get laid…all those sinful shit humans taught him over his stay on earth. Yeah, humans definitely had it better here on earth. The first thing he was gonna do when he went back to hell, was open up a freaking bar. Can’t believe he went a millennia without this stuff. It’s not like one day would matter all that much…he’d already been here for five years, just waiting for the right person at the right moment. Besides, it’s not like he was in a hurry to get back to Hell…

Raising his glass up to his lips, the demon realized he had already finished his drink during his musings, and was now in serious need of another one. Fuck. Deciding the spot where he was standing in was as good a place as any, the young man quickly laid out his towel before hunting down the nearest bar.

“Hit me with a Mai Tai, Charlie.” the demon decided to just try out the bar’s special. Although he did enjoy a hot romp on the beach, its namesake of drink wasn’t something you ordered by yourself, plus the demon just found it tasteless somewhat. Why don’t you just hang a sign up that says ‘shag me’ around your neck? It’s conveys the message even better!

diet cola
 Posted: Nov 5 2017, 07:47 AM
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