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 SITE RULES, __ must read
 Posted: Nov 13 2016, 04:22 PM
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the rule book

Welcome to Hell & Heaven [H&H]! The administration is proud to reveal to you this sandbox style rp board. If you aren't familiar with a sandbox rp, allow me to break down the basics! Whereas in most RPs players are limited to a certain world or fandom, in a sandbox RP players request faces, ships, groups, or whatever they like-- ABSOLUTELY NO LIMITS. You wanna play a soulmate AU for your favorite ship! REQUEST IT! Went to see an awesome action movie and want to have a epic fight scene! REQUEST IT! Love that one guy from that one thing! TREAT. YO. SELF. TO A REQUEST!

The only thing that limits you here at the H&H is your imagination! (Well, any human decency, but that's highly over-rated in our opinion.) But before you run down to the member sign-up list and start requesting your heart out. A few rules.

ONE; don't be a jerk

This should go without saying. If you are a jerk, this makes things unfun, and if things are unfun, why are we here? Respect the admins, mostly because we just want to keep everyone happy and posting (but also because we edited code until our fingers bled for our thought baby to exist as a board). Respect other players, this means even if they aren't vibing you or your thread. We all write what muses us, and so if something doesn't turn their muse on-- its cool. this is a sandbox site. anyone can be anyone or anything they want, so just wait a bit and probably someone else will show up who is SO MUSED FOR YOUR AWESOME PLOT BUNNY! So. In closing. Be nice.


This is again, pretty simple. One post a month. You can do whatever you want, on whatever bae you want, for whoever you want-- so this should be entirely doable for like anyone semi-literate! If you know you're not going to be able to make it, talk to one of the admins. I will endeavor to contact people before we archive you, but like just let us know and we will work with you!


this is more of an nonrule. You can name yourself however you like, and it can be whatever you like-- you can have whatever you liiiikkkeee....

But actually, you can have whatever you like if its not rasist, sexist, or overtly sexual. Don't be an offensive ass, and then...


Hey, so nobody likes to walk into NSFW stuff when there boss is creepily hanging over their shoulder. Why am I on the board at work? REASONS. So, please, tag mature stuff with a [m].

ALSO! No one likes to be triggered! But unlike rando trigger lists-- IM GONNA SAY AGISM IS NUMBER ONE. But also, like we're not ignorant jerks. If someone might upset someone kindly put a [tw] in the title and in the first post include a little something about what might trigger someone. FOR INSTANCE, if you are doing something horribly offensive in your thread, maybe throw a [TW] on that biz.


Also, although we totally don't want to limit your creativity. The admins have decided that there shouldn't be any faces under the age of 16. Due to the nature of this site and how much mature content is possible, PBs under 16 have a squick factor. If you have any questions about this or the other rules, feel free to PM lisbetch or sithlordofsnark for clarification.

edited; nov. 17 Upon reflection, admins have decided you can play someone under 16, but that person CANNOT!! REPEAT CANNOT! have that character involved in a mature thread. The admins of H&H have a zero-tolerance policy concerning it. You will be banned immediately. No PM, no chat, just immediate ban. So don't be a creep, and spare the children.

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