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Our first event will be beginning May the 1st. Please message Zeus before this date for your prompt. Our event for the month of May is Superheroes.


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 Posted: Nov 13 2016, 06:16 PM
❝Do not fuck with me! I am the God of Thunder!
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Pronouns He/Him
King of Olympia

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a small directory of the people writing things here
• @[username] • || your primary interest.
Zeus • || x-men, charmed, buffy, captain canary, caity lotz, ariana grande, so much more...

Aquila • || HP, TVD, Lucifer, Twilight, Inheritance cycle, Percy Jackson, I like fantasy and supernatural in general lol Marvel, DC. POTC, HTTYD, Naruto, Voyager, etc. I love watching movies, though I'm not going to list them all here haha Some anime also. I mostly play the male, and I love playing OCs so I'm definitely open to suggestions or requests for whatever you want, I'll try to keep up;)

Stitch • || Real life. Superhero Roleplays. Marvel and DC. Arrow. The Flash. Legends of Tomorrow. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Star Wars. Charmed. Buffy. Angel. Supergirl. Supernatural. Firefly. Sanctuary. Teen Wolf. Fast and Furious. Resident Evil. Being Human. Sons of Anarchy. Moonlight. Reign. Criminal Minds. Space based-RPs. Dystopian Futures. Nikita. Secret Circle. The Originals. Original Rps. I am literally up for anything!.

Spooky • || Oh gosh, okay. Lots of Marvel in all verses (comics, movies, cartoons, mobile games). Used to write some fairytale/legends stuff like Robin Hood and Anastasia, so that could be fun to get into again. Love AUs of every sort, and would like to try some OC stuff. AUs: Western, medieval, rock band, different eras, royalty, space, fantasy, love/hate, pretty much anything really. Also super into The 100 right now but haven't tried writing it yet. All the shipping! and things. I'm so bad at this lol.

Kastanir • || I am your Marvel/DC/Mass Effect/Games/And many many others things to count fanatic

Xiii • || Assassin's Creed, Harry Potter, Fantasy, Medieval, Zombie Apocalypse, Animal, Horror/Asylum, mainly female faces with androgynous attributes/genderfluid, mainly f&F and occasionally F&M. Hit me up with anything, we can always figure something,

 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 07:05 AM
❝Take me away, to my oblivion
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Pronouns He
subordinate spirits

Reyzadren • || 2 versions: Earth settings include urban fantasy/supernatural/real-life, fantasy settings include multigenre/steampunk. I use only OCs.

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